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Intentional Time

Last weekend I met a friend I hadn't seen in a long time. Family of five, three of them under ten years old, her husband works in a fintech and travels frequently, and she works in private equity. Yes, private equity. You all can imagine what my second question was after, "how is family?" Of course it was.... "how can you handle it ?!" Her answer? "Pedro, everybody has time. People don't know how to allocate time intentionally".

Time is our most scarce resource. We all have 24 hours in our days. So, why can some people create trilllion dollar businesses and others do nothing with the same number of hours in the day? How are some people happy and others sad with the same time resources? The difference? Some people are very good about being intentional with their time.

Let me give you one example. The majority of us can't do all we should to have a great life during weekdays, given work demands. But how about the weekends? Weekends are almost always a white canvas where we can intentionally plan time to do the things that are important to our families and us. People generally know what they will do at work in 2 weeks from now, right? But do they know what they will do on the weekend or after work two weeks from now?

If life is broader and more important than just work, why are we generally good at planning our work but so bad at planning our lives? More than that. We were trained manage work, right? We were taught to set objectives, design a plan, build a calendar, and track progress. But how about life? Do we apply this same successful management toolkit? Do we have the same discipline to execute it?

Are we managing life or letting life manage us?

Happy Life,



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