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Have you found your purpose?

Have you found your life purpose?

Everybody has a role in this world, a reason to exist. Life is a statistical miracle; we are all born with natural abilities and passions to accomplish something in this world. Some find it; some don't. Why is it important to find your purpose?

Science has shown that having a purpose has many health and emotional benefits but most importantly, having a purpose prevents the tragedy of a wasted life.

Bronnie Ware worked in palliative care as a nurse for over 35 years. She took care of people that had gone home to die. She wrote a book about what she heard as main regrets from people when they were about to die. The #1? "I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expect from me."

Life will ask you at least three times what you were born to be. First, in early adulthood life-changing events such as choosing what to study in college, what should be your career or the person you will choose to be your life partner. The second time is usually in mid-life whenever you face a crisis. A health scare, the loss of a loved one, a divorce, issues with kids that resent absent parents, or unhappiness at work. A second opportunity to correct course and try to get the right answer to what matters to you in this life. The last time will be on your deathbed. This time will probably be too late to do something about it.

We all know of people who found their abilities and passions early in life and lived amazingly happy and fulfilling lives. We know of others who tried to answer the question but got it wrong, choosing to live a life others expected from them or a life they mistakenly believed would fulfill them. We know people who still need to get it right and keep asking the question. This is all ok. What you don't want is to ignore that question until you don't have the time to answer it anymore.

A life purpose doesn’t have to be “to change the world” or be immutable throughout your lifetime. It could be just to touch the lives of the ones around you in a positive way, and it will change as the life around you changes.

Have you found your life purpose?

Happy Life,



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